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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shaker Table w/ Company Boards

Earlier this year I had made a set of 8 Windsors for a customer and they then asked me to make them a table. They needed something that would fit the everyday space they had but during holidays they needed it to become larger. My suggestion was company boards. Company boards are just that, boards you put on the table when company comes over. Unlike table leaves, company boards go on the end of the table eliminating the crack always in the center of the table.
They wanted a shaker style table with simple turned legs and no frills. This is the table I made for them. Pretty much a shaker inspired table, made out of cherry, and plain and simple.

The only drawback to company boards are they have to be stored when not in use. They are 36" long and 18" wide making them hard to store on the underside of the table. A closet would be my choice. 
For making extra room for "Company" they work great. They slide in through notches in the aprons and gravity takes over once inserted all the way in.
This table can go from 60" long for 6 people, up to 96" long for 8 . Makes a wonderful way to add more chairs around the Turkey dinner. Plus with a normal leaf table,  you always have the crack in the center of the table and the grain usually goes across the table, not an attractive look in my mind.

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  1. Matt, that is a good idea, and the boards can run the long way, looks great. And that wagon bed is really nice, hope my wife doesn;t see it. Take care,