Jefferson Swivel and Secretary

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hide Glue's Holding Power and Repairability

I was impressed with using the Hot Hide Glue yesterday on my first big project, so I thought I'd make a short little video on how well it holds and how it can be repaired. First I tried an end grain glue up, and while it had an initial tack, it didn't hold like most end grain glue joints, with a edge grain to edge grain joint it only took a few minutes to set up under just hand pressure. Five minutes later I tried breaking the joint and proved to myself how well this stuff works. Again I am behind on the times of using something that everyone else already knows about, but at least it's better late than never. If Hide Glue has held all those antiques together, why can't it hold the antiques of the future together as well. I think I've found a new old glue for my shop.


  1. You alluded to this and demonstrated it, but one of the neatest things about hide glue is that it sticks to itself.

    That makes for easy repairs with no glue cleanup and when working on end grain, like in the video, you can apply a diluted or very thin layer of glue to the end grain, let it soak in and set up and then go back later, apply more glue and stick the parts together. It is a neat technique, but I think I have only had call to do it once.

    BTW, we are loving the Jefferson swivel chair!

  2. Luke,
    Good to know, Thanks for sharing! Glad the Jefferson Chair is getting put to use and ya'll are happy with it.