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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Making a Wagon Wheel

As I was making the Covered Wagon Bed I knew at some point I would have to either make the wagon wheels or buy them somewhere. I am a woodworker and buying them is about completely out of the question, so I tried my hand at making the four I needed. I do have to say just looking at pictures of them, it's not the easiest thing to make. I did find a free plan for making them at but it was for a 14" wheel and I needed a 24" wheel so I had to do a little head scratching to get the size right.
 I started with four pieces cut at a 45 degree angle  then laid out the diameter I wanted, both the inside and outside.
 Cut out the inside diameter and marked the locations of the 8 spokes, then drilled the holes .
 I made flat tenons on the hub side and cut a strip of wood at 22 1/2 degree angles on opposite sides. Made a flat cut where the tenon will set flat on those pieces.
 Then cut the outside diameter of the wheel.  Made a dry fit run to see if all fit properly, so far so good. Then glued up the wheel in a certain order.
Turned four hubs that fit snugly and then glued them on. After the glue set I drilled holes in the hubs to accept the threaded rod, a washer and nut, put it all together and it all came out good. Now just have to make 3 more.

All went well and even though this isn't an authentic way to make to make wagon wheels, it works great for this wagon because they don't need to actually spin. They are basically just wheel looking legs, if that makes sense. 

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