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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Different Shaving Horses

I thought I'd show my two shaving horses here and explain a little about what I do with them. The one closest to the camera is my main one and is based off of Brian Boggs' horse and works extremly well. I have added a chair seat and back to make it more comfy to sit at for longer periods of time. The green one in the background is my old one that I had actually thrown away after I made the new one but then realized it works better for certain steps in the process of shaping plus during classes theres two available. I use it mainly for shaving the long bends of C-Arms, Sack Backs, Bow Backs, and the like. It's just a pretty standard horse no frills or bells and whistles just a good ole work horse, it's not real comfotable to sit at for long though. The Boggs style is great for spindle work and most tasks I need for chairs.

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  1. You should've added a rocking chair... So when your shaving and rocking at the same time... Dont for get a tv mount.... Hehehehehe! Way too cool... I think i will build one for my father with a foot recliner instead of a pedal.