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Monday, June 20, 2011

Chair Class Newbie

 Here is Byron cracking open his first Red Oak log to begin his Chair Class. We began this morning and he did extremly well for someone with not much knowledge of furniture making. He stuck it out in the heat and spilt all the pieces for the Bow Back chair he's making.
 Here he's using the brake to split out seven spindles. It got up to 91 degrees today so we did as much as we could in the shade but the air conditioned shop sure was a welcoming thing once we got through all the spiltting.
Here is Byron shaving his back bow on the shaving horse. For someone who has never had a drawknife in his hands before he did really well and was game for learning and getting the basics of what steps need to be done first. Byron is a 6' 9" tall guy, I wasn't sure if the shaving horse would be comfortable for him but he just plugged along and made it work. He got all seven spindles roughed out and in the kiln plus his back bow shaped and steam bent. A job well done for a newbie.

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