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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lathe tool rest

I was sick of having to move the tool rest while turning legs on the lathe. So I made this 20" long rest out of a piece of cherry I had laying around. Its just cut with a 45 degree angle on it and I drilled two holes in the under side and glued in a length of dowel that fit the tool rest locks. After a little use, the water that comes out of the maple I turn was causing the cherry to fuzz up a bit and made it difficult to move the lathe tools back and forth. I screwed on a piece of flat metal and it has helped tremendously.  A little wax every 2 or 3 turnings and it just glides over like glass. Really sped up the time it takes to turn a leg now, no more stopping the lathe moving the tool rest and going again. I just turn the lathe on and let the shaving fly.

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