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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tool Chest finished

 After a long process of finishing and glazing, rubbing and more rubbing I got the tool chest finished tonight. I am really pleased with it. I think it has a place for everything I needed it to. I plan on using the cabinet space under the drawers to hold my hand planes. I have over a hundred molding and metal body planes and this space will be perfect for them once I make the adjustable shelves.  The tools hanging in the doors are most of my Chair Making tools and the ones I use most often. The cabinet has a bit of a shaker influence which for making Windsor chairs is a bit ironic.
 The Book stand on top of the cabinet was made with a few left over scraps from the cabinet. I got plans out of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Its a pretty quick and simple thing to make but has a great look and
I plan using it for plans and books for easier viewing and keeps books clean and off the bench.

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