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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Curtis Buchanan YouTube videos

If you haven't seen them yet you are really missing out. Tennessee Chair maker Curtis Buchanan has been putting together a video on YouTube on how to make a Comb Back Windsor. In my opinion Curtis is probably on the top of the list as far as Windsor Chair makers. His style and quality are superb and he has just done it so long he is really amazing. I have never met him, but, believe me I look at his chairs constantly as inspiration for mine own. I try and strive for the perfection he just automatically has.
  If you are interested in Windsor Chair Making and don't have time or money to take a class these videos will greatly help you and they are free. I find myself looking at them over and over to see little tips and tricks that Curtis is so kind enough to put out there for the rest of us. In his Videos he goes from getting the right logs to splitting to turning. As of this post, there are 8 videos total but from what I understand he is going to do the entire chair start to finish. Click on this link to go to the beginning of the videos. Very valuable info for anyone wanting to learn, advance themselves, or just see how much work goes into a Windsor.

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