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Monday, June 13, 2011

And now...back to work

I finally got most everything moved into my new (huge) shop and while it's not completly done I'm able to get back to my orders and get back to work. Moving is such a chore and those of you who have a shop, try not to move it, it's about the hardest thing I've gone through in a long time. The house wasn't too bad but the shop and all the heavy tools was difficult plus I had quite a bit of lumber and it was about as bad to move as the big tools.
This is the Lumber rack I made. It's based off of one I saw in a Fine Woodworking Article. There is so much weight on it and so far so good. I was nervous putting the lumber on it after I made it but it's doing great and I'm guessing theres around 400 lbs on each tier. Thats just a guess all I know is it is more than I can lift.
Here are my two lathes and they are already getting back in use after about 3 weeks of moving from the other shop.

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