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Monday, June 13, 2011

Logs and my Kiln

This is part of the log selection I just got that has 2 Red Oaks, 2 White Oaks, and 11 Maples. I need to cull the maple out as there aren't many clear sections but I should be able to cut off several chuncks for leg turnings and the rest will go to the firewood pile for this winter and next.
I cut a hunk off one of the maples and was able to get about 8 turning blanks that will work for legs. Here I just got finished turning these Bamboo legs and now the tenons are drying in the homemade kiln. The kiln is nothing more than a plywood box with two 100 watt light bulbs inside. In 3-5 days the tenons will be ready to final shape and go into a chair.

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