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Friday, May 13, 2011

Real Milk Paint

Since beginning to build furniture and mainly painted furniture, I have used a quite a few products to paint the pieces. I've done the latex paint with lacquer in between each coat, I've tried oil based paints and stain mixes but none have given me the quality and durability as Milk Paint. Milk Paint is a product used for thousands of years and is said to have been used by the Egyptians. It's a non-toxic and environmetally safe paint and as "Green" as you can get in the paint world.  I have used a few different brands of Milk Paint but one has really taken the top of the cake for me. Real Milk Paint brand is in my opinion, the best out there. It's tough as nails and really has an endless aray of colors (if you mix them).  I've tried it on an outdoor gate at my house and after a year outside in the elements I can't see any sign of chalkiness or streaking. I've used it on Windsor Chair for the last 2 years straight and had no issues whatsoever. The Real Milk Paint Co. has terrific customer service and are very helpful if you need info on a certain product  This is the stuff you want to use if you want a durable long lasting paint on just about any project. For more info on it go to

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