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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mortise and Tenon Router jig

To make the many angled mortise and tenon joints for my upholetered furniture, I made this jig used with a plunge router. It can bevel to any angle up to about 10 degrees and even make a compound mortise if need be. I didn't want tospend the money to buy a Leight FMT jig $500 so I made one based off of it with scraps laying around the shop and a few toggle clamps. I made if for maybe $50. I can make a template to do a tenon in the end of the piece, however, I think a loose tenon is easier and so I have never got around to make the new template.

                          It's a pretty crude looking jig but it works great and is pretty simple to set up.
 This shows the cross hairs that you use to set up the mortise position. I mark a center line on the work piece where I want the mortise and move the cross hairs to to line up with that. Set my length of the mortise with a couple of stop blocks and rout the depth I need. Works really good for those difficult to make angled mortise and tenons.
The tenon shown here is just a piece ripped on the tables saw and then planed to thickness, in this case 3/8".
Without any glue this make for a strong joint that will hold these pieces of furniture together. Once the glue is put in it will be here long after I'm gone.

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